Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying Saucer Attack - Beach Red Lullaby

(Planet, 1995)

Funny how little I have to say about a band I like so much; I suppose there’s a finite number of times you can repeat the words “fuzz,” “feedback,” and “distortion” before you start to feel self-conscious about the poor quality of your writing. Lucky dog that I am, though, FSA is in gentle, reverb-soaked Britfolk mode for the lady-sung “Beach Red Lullaby,” so I don’t need to trot out those overused and not-too-helpful descriptions this time around. Haw! “Second Hour” puts us on more familiar, noisy ground, but it picks its way forward at a pace slow enough to make it a suitable companion to the watery space-folk of the A-side. Find ’em both on this obscure edition of 1,300 copies, or take the coward’s way out and nab the Chorus compilation. Jerk.

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Donald Brown said...

Seems indeed a lack of descriptors in the language for this kind of thing, but after "ambient distorto-float" what more can ya say?