Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying Saucer Attack - Land Beyond The Sun

(Drag City, 1994)

“Land Beyond the Sun” is sort of an FSA love song (lyrically), with the usual reverb, distortion, and rudimentary drumming blasting things off into drugged-out brainspace, though with relatively discernable vocals. The B-side, “Everywhere Was Everything,” takes it even further, going for impenetrably dense, searing waves of guitar that shudder and slither all over each other as the song builds to a lo-fi psych climax. The latter is one of Pearce’s best, I reckon. Listening to these songs, it occurs to me that the genius of these records is that reasonably straightforward tracks are being dressed up – and I don’t consider this gimmickry – with fantastic layers of fuzz that allow you to either focus on or totally ignore the underlying melodic content. And different days bring different preferences, as far as these ears are concerned.

Ah! Special alert for completists! This 7” was released in a variety of sleeves by labels in both
England and the USA, and its tracks later got issued in that hot digital format via the import “Outdoor Miner” CD single.

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