Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thee Flying Dutchmen - Dance To Die Flyink Dutchmen

(Boom-Boom, 2004)

More Boom-Boom means more mono toga-jams, more hissy crock (o’ shit!) ’n’ roll built to soundtrack the next meeting between palooka forehead and empty beercan. This one’s as alive as anything else on the label, a frantic punk-stumble soaked in a screeching garage organ that gives the songs a more “classic” feel than relatively with-it (!!) brother group the Fe Fi Fo Fums. Real as it gets… False starts, arguments, fart-noises, laughter – rehearsal as “finished” product. As the “Honorable Code of the Fang Club Goofateer” commands (my membership card happens to be stored in this very sleeve), “THOU SHALT DIG TRASH! THOU MUSTETH!!” The punchline, and it’s a swell one: Thee Flying Dutchmen released at least three singles and an LP, all of which will be collectable and sought after by dopes in the know some day.

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