Monday, January 19, 2009

Fontana - I Feel Like A Jerk

(X!, 2007)

Loose garage stoopidity that seems more intent on making with the party-hearty than fellow Michigan travelers Tyvek, due to the inclusion of exciting lead guitar and those yelping dual-vox (though trash-epic “You’re Obscene” betrays a bit of bizarro ambition as it busts into multiple sections and a relatively long run-time). Plopping down a Stooges comparison is a pretty tired trick at this point, yes, but I do think it’s fair to consider these guys a cheerier update on the slam-bang primitivism of early Ig. Along with ultimate-idiot Jersey buddies Liquor Store, Fontana’s doing the style just right, thankya. Great sleeve on this one, and a great title, too.

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